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A poem

Different Dreams

Google me and you might find
that I once sat behind a mahogany desk
In a corner office
with a view of the bay
I decided things of importance, and thought myself so
Ah, but wisdom found my hiding places
haunting me with dreams of twisting buildings and tidal waves
and earth shifting, opening wide the ground
beneath my feet.

Now, I spread straw in the orchard.

I harvest snow peas and snap beans and sage,
and create fragrant, savory soup from fresh kale.
Squash and tomatoes fill my baskets in summer
I am as morning mist descends from our mountain
and white pelicans ride gossamer threads
above our waters
I make clay pots,
and pray amidst dancing trees, listening
deeply called
to heal the land
from a wildness within me that doesn't decide
yet knows what it means to be in this place,
enchanted and magical, loving.

At night, I dream
different dreams.

A love story

I was reminded today of how very much I love this place and the people who live here.
This montage of photos is offered as a gift: in deep gratitude for what we have. The photographs were taken at or within a few miles of my home here in Upper Lake.


I do not remember last spring. Or summer or autumn for that matter. It has been a very long winter --seems like a very long one indeed.

But we live in a Universe of renewal, and spring does eventually come, doesn't it?

I wrote this poem after a weekend of beauty here. And I, overcome by it.


VIolets and jonquils
celebrate sunlight,
Mint and Marjoram,
your new leaves
sing aloud!
so quick and fleeting…
Did you remember her promise?
(She said you would come!)
a glimpse,
unexpected, brought

Song of Joy,
I thought you would not find me!
You remembered
My fragile heart.
Thank you for being here,
Thank you, Thank you
For being.