It is surreal here at this hour. Renee's breathing is shallow and changing. Her heart rate is up even more, she is still hanging on, even though she hasn't been able to drink water for more than four days.
We are present to her, here and now. Powerless to stop death, we simply work on small comforts... repositioning her body, moistening her mouth, applying lip balm, massaging her feet with lotion..... and whispering goodbye.

Please know that your words and ongoing acts of love and support have been a great comfort, sustaining us even now.

In gratitude,



  1. Denise, Know that we are standing with you and Renee and all the caregivers....love to you both.
    Jan and Diza

  2. Denise,
    My deepest thoughts and prayers go to you and your partner, Renee. There are few things in life that happen than witnessing a truly love one pass. As one of your very close neighbors in Upper Lake, a stones throw away actually, I must reach out and extend my heartfelt support to you during this time. I have been reading your blog for quite some time now (lurking and reading about your wonderful family and small farm that has joined our little community so recently with its ups and downs). Please know that you have the support of so many of us here. We all wait for you to mourn your terrible and sad loss to you and your family. We will welcome you with open arms once you are ready to join us again in your life's journey on this planet.

    Until then, be strong, be loving, and caring to Renee during this time. She feels your unconditional love and she will take that with her in body and soul to eternity.

    Thank you for letting us know what is happening. We truly feel your suffering and emotional pain as Renee passes on to a wonderful, and eternal life, that we will all join someday. Renee will guide you and comfort you when it is your time.

    Until then, you have us to lean on and support you. Please don't forget that. You are a treasure to our community and so well respected for who you are as a person.

    Be strong Denise.. You are not alone in this journey.


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