For Renee, I need....

Renee has been more than 5 days without water, just shallow breathing and no change in vital signs.... this is wearing on her body, on me and everyone near... she is so close to death, but not letting go.
So, I need your help...

Renee visited one of our Renee-care group in a dream last night. In
the dream, a room full of people were drumming for Renee. Renee came to her and said "tell them to stop the drumming, they need to let me go, I cannot go while they keep drumming" but the drumming continued. Renee asked her to make them stop, but the dreamer was powerless to stop it.


So, what is "the drumming?" Perhaps it represents everyone's worries and concerns about me and those she is leaving behind? Or perhaps it represents wishes and thoughts for her to regain health? (Or maybe someone is really drumming?)

Here is what I need you to do: Turn your thoughts from any worrying about me, or Brian, or Teresa, or her classroom kids, or family and relatives and friends. I need you to place your thoughts and intentions on saying goodbye to Renee--letting her go, and wishing her well on her way. She needs this.

Oh, and please stop drumming.

With love, and gratitude,



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