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Letting Go

During the campaign, Renee aquired a puppy. I bonded with this little dog --"Star." She could have just as easily been named "Joy" for the delight she brought to our home.

We now find Star SO energetic that we needed to give her a new home during this time. To me, letting go of this little dog carries with it a great sadness--I suppose that she represents how much letting go is happening right now. So I thought I would share a few photos...

May 2007 UPDATE:
Star came back to us. I got a call--she was found 40 miles from her new home, and she still had our license tags on her, so those that found her called ME. When I went to pick her up, she fell asleep in my arms--it was like she was trying to make her way home. I see this as a sign! The new owners say its okay--I plan to keep her after all.


  1. Denise,

    You have been in my thoughts much as of late, and I just came across a piece of paper with your blog address on it while moving stuff into my new home in the hills. The last time I saw Brian, he filled me in on your intimacy with the changing of the cycles of life --something I have been deeply pondering lately myself, from a different but related vantage point, as my belly is swelling for the Spring.

    There's a "letting go" acupressure point I can show you --I could come visit you and Renee and your four-legged cohorts whenever it is convenient. I've got some Reedies coming to visit me around mid-April, although I'll leave the timing to you.

    Additionally, it occurs to me that a retreat which has been particularly healing to me in times of need for the past two years is the Northern California Women's Herbal Symposium (held in Laytonville)--there are two coming up this Spring that you may want to consider, and another in the fall that I am planning to attend... being surrounded by spiritual women is a safe space that I could see being very beneficial for you. (Search the web for their page to download the registration form, and for sample schedules of the sessions).

    I love you!
    Molly McCalla


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