What Can One Person Do About Global Warming?

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The Mystery Train

Recently, I encountered this editorial by Willam Rivers Pitt:

The Mystery Train

What do YOU think of this? Of mercenaries? Of white phosporous? Of torture, and secret prisons?

Here is what I think: we most certainly have gone mad.

What must be done? All I know is that we cannot live our lives as if this is not happening. I often think what can I do about this? I am only one person. When I think this way, I allow depair to gain a foothold. So instead I choose a different way of thinking. No.... I choose a different way of being.

Today, this is what i choose to do: spread straw and turn compost. Move a stack of wood and feed the chickens and goats. Clean out the barn in preparation for the sheep that are arriving on Sunday. And (of course) "Blog for Sanity....." and write my congressman.

Perhaps each gentle act will counter-balance the cries of terror or burn of chemicals half a globe away. I choose not to deny that this is happening, I grieve for what is happening and am so sorry for my part in it.