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Upon Further Reflection....

It seems to me that we ALL voted our values... that's why we react at a visceral level to the prospect of another four years of this administration.

I, for one, find that my core values are being severely violated by this crowd.

Values like:
--Stewardship and protection of the natural world;
--Preserving the dignity and equality of all humans;
--A fair and open society;
--Civil liberties;
--An open and honest Government;
--Civility and collegiality in public conversation.

Some of the values are spiritual:
--each human reaching their full potential
--holding creation as sacred
--Compassion for the weakest in our society;
--Humility, particularly in foreign policy;

I believe that our current culture conflict is, at its heart, a values conflict.

The more I reflect on this, the more painful the prospect of the next four years of societal and environmental degradation. I need to go back to the Principles of Spiritual Activism again and again to maintain my center.